SupraGel™ – Amorphous Wound Care Hydrogel


SupraGel™ is an intelligent hydrogel that will donate moisture to dry wounds and absorb exudates from weeping wounds.

SupraGel™ will assist the healing process from a simple wound to the more complex.

Its multifunctional use includes treatment for cuts, grazes, burns, rashes, exuding sores.

Each box contains a 25g tube.



Remove cap from tube and use it to pierce the silver seal
Clean and dry the wound area before apply the SupraGel™
Apply an ample amount to cover the wound area
Cover with a secondary bandage or gauze if necessary
1st & 2nd degree burns, apply immediately to burn area
Cuts & grazes, apply once to twice a day
Open wounds, pressure sores, post operative wounds:
Inspect daily and apply a thick layer (5mm – 1/4″) of gel when deemed necessary by a nurse or doctor
If the wound is infected SupraGel can be used with a prescribed systemic antibiotic
Gel can be gently removed by using clean wet gauze

The Benefits

Ease of use
Suitable for cuts, grazes, burns, rashes, exuding sores, bed sore, ulcers
Ability to donate moisture to dry wounds and absorb exudates from weeping wounds
SupraGel™ is sterile when first opened
Minimises scarring to the wound area
SupraGel™ is both CE marked and FDA listed


Complex carbohydrates, sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, calcium chloride, propylene glycol, de-ionixes water, sodium hydroxide.

Do not use where there is a know sensitivity to the Gel or any of its components
Do not use if the packaging is damaged or the seal broken at the top of the tube
Do not use in the eye area. Wash immediately with water and consult your doctor
Discontinue use if no improvement is seen within a few days and consult your doctor
Keep out of the reach of children
Use by expiry date
Store in a cool dry place